We appreciate your business!!! As our most valued customer, help us know what we are doing Good and where we can do Better.
This restaurant is truly incredible and a great addition to the NJ culinary scene. Service is GREAT. For the best in authentic African cuisine this is a must do venue. Decor, Ambiance and Service are all fantastic
Jennifer O.
New York, NY
I'm always concerned when going to an Indian restaurant that it will be too Americanized- you know the type: everything deep fried, no authentic flavor for fear of upsetting mass diners, and most disappointingly don't challenge your threshold for tolerating heavy handed spicing. So disappointing.

Fortunately, this place doesn't leave anything to be desired. Incredibly friendly wait staff willing to explain the many diverse menu selections. Also important to me (especially when trying a new cuisine), they are willing to recommend dishes.

Although the main dishes were a bit pricier than I'm used to seeing, an appetizer and two entrees and a bottle of wine ran us $85 with tip, and the two of us were completely full. Definitely worth making the trip to tribeca!
Sarah R.
Brooklyn, NY
Formerly known as the uninspiring "Indian Express," Taj Tribeca serves up some grrrrrrrrreat Indian In Tribeca.

Located a bit off the residential drag. Decor is cozy with exposed brick walls and antiquely adornments & mirrors. Wait staff is beyond polite and not the least bit pushy.

Food is delicious! The Chicken Curry as well as regulars like vindaloos & tikka masalas are awesome.

It's a touch better than Baluchi's but a touch more expensive. Still, I throughly enjoy this place.
Jennifer Y.
New York, NY
First five star review!

This place has some of the best chicken tikka marsala, saag paneer, and lamb vindaloo in lower manhattan. great service, food was prepared and deliered well and i couldn't have been more impressed with the large portions. as a big guy -- when i order out for an entree and get an appetizer I tend to not go back. However, this place has really impressed me.
Lee D.
New York, NY
I was impressed with the food!! I loved the buffet! It was good and it was still hot! Being a vegetarian I was allowed to eat from the buffet and feel like it was worth my money! I plan on going here again or even ordering delivery!! Yummy!!
Dina M.
New York, NY
**** stars
- good food
- good service
- clean
Sajinga S.
New York, NY
LOVE this place! My friends and I have been here several times (due to the close proximity to work) and we have always left happy. The decor is lovely and the service is topnotch. I've tried several dishes on the menu--such as the Chicken Kebab, Bhel Puri, Chicken Biryani, Garlic Naan, curry dishes, etc.--and thoroughly enjoyed everything (servings are plentiful). I like that they changed their name from "Indian Express" since this is definitely a nice sit-down restaurant and not a take away place as the previous name might have suggested.
Eryn W.
New York, NY
I think they just changed their name to Tribeca Taj or Taj Tribeca. We've ordered via Seamless Web, until today. Some options on Seamless Web is that you can add spinach too your lamb vindaloo if you wanted.

The Decor is a 5, the service is a 5 and the food is a 5. You can probably have a business dinner or lunch here. I had the lamb vindaloo, extra spicy, "Indian Spicy," and some garlic/chile lentils. They were really good and so were the chutneys. You can tell that they are very detailed with the spices. Also, they offered red onions with some lemon and chili powder and green chilies to complement our dishes.

I recommend the mango lassi too, tasted fresh. The waiter told us about the buffet from 11-3, which may be an excellent way to sample everything.
Anne H.
New York, NY
I treid Taj tribeca after the great review they received in Time Out NY.

I had the Vegetable Biryani. First time I ever had this dish. It was excellent. Right mix of vegetables. Spicey. I will definitely order it agin.

We also had the Chicken Biryani. The chicken was tender and tasty. Another winner.

I look forward to trying some other dishes.
Todd F.
New York, NY
My new favorite Indian restaurant. Great decor, service, and food. We'll definitely be returning.
Jennifer O.
New York, NY
Excellent. This is a dimly lit restaurant decorated with brick walls and a nice waterfall. The smooth sounds of flowing water really get you to relax. Very attentive service, and they don't rush you. The owner is a darling old Indian man. They are such nice people, every time I go here they either give me a free dessert or appetizer. The food is amazing- flavorful, authentic Indian food made by well known chefs. Their tea comes in a pretty little glass tea pot. Mango lassi is very good here. Best time to go is for dinner, as this place will not disappoint.
Jasmine C.
New York, NY
"I'm not a big fan of Indian food....but this is SO good!" Quoted from one of the many friends I brought with me to try out this place. This is walking distance from my apartment in the financial district and the WTC. I admit I was not a big fan of Indian food myself. But Taj Tribeca has definitely piqued and convinced my taste buds. Now this place brings me pregnant woman cravings even though there is no bun in this oven. Whowouldathunk? I have been here a number of times for their lunch buffets and a couple of dinners. Service is always courteous, polite, and on point. The decor is modern with a traditional flair. The prices are not cheap but not pricey - I think it is reasonably priced considering the area and ambiance to the place. Noooow on to the good stuff...the FOOD. I tried every item during their buffet. Although some may think the selection is limited, I think it comes down to quality not quantity. There is usually five main options, an appetizer (with some crack tamarind chutney that i am addicted too), a soup, and unique desserts that I probably wouldn't try other wise. The food is rich in flavor and spices without being too overpowering. It's official. After years of failed attempts and many people trying to convince me other wise -- I'm now a fan of indian food. p.s. try their mango lassi....delishhhh. A well deserved 4 stars in Time Out NY.
Jen v.
New York, NY
Enthusiastically recommend Taj Tribeca for its first-rate food, especially the Goan Shrimp Curry, the Cochin Crab Cakes, Minced Lamb Naan and the best Mango Lassi topped with cardamon powder in town. Service is gracious and kind -- ask for Narish. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary, and he made my husband feel like the VIP and wonderful guy that he is.
Erica K.
New York, NY
Just checked out the new Indian spot in the neighborhood. They have redecorated quite a bit since taking over from the previous establishment, and it paid off. The aesthetics are great. The food is also tasty. I had the old standby Chicken Tikka Masala, and it was just right. Order it extra spicy. Appetizers and Lamb Vindaloo were also good.

They are apparently in the process of building out their wine selection and the drinks list was still in the works. Another reason to go back.
Jacob B.
San Francisco, CA